Using Blender for environment sculpting like Zbrush

General / 05 January 2021

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share a quick video showing that you can definitely do some environment sculpting work within Blender. If you combine your alpha packs with the alpha manager add-on, it becomes really sexy. 

Here is the link for the alpha manager add-on:

To get a similar Zbrush feeling with DragRect mode, you need to adjust few settings in the Draw brush.

1/ First, adjust the mode texture mapping option to "Area Plane".

2/ Then, adjust the stroke method to "Anchored".

This is it, you are good to go.

For the ones who purchased the 3Dbrushes Sand Desert, you will notice I released an update with .tiff format so it will make your life easier to use them in Blender. I hope it helps. Happy sculpting ;)


General / 03 January 2021

Hi everyone, hope you all got time to rest during this Christmas break. I am starting 2021 with the desire of trying to create more time to post more artwork while maintaining family life balance. It is a tricky challenge I know! But hey, if there is a time for a new habit, it is now. And you, what is your resolution for 2021?

For this new piece, I kept playing with my new 3Dbrushes Sand Desert pack. If you have not checked it yet, you will find it on my website (link in my bio). I tried to add a bit more storytelling with those stormtroopers getting ready to ambush Mando, waiting at the back of the Razor Crest.

For the ones like me going back to work on Monday: This is the way. 

Creating a Sand Desert... not an easy exercise.

General / 20 December 2020
While I was watching Mandalorian Season2, I got inspired to make sand desert artwork. The ones who tried to make sand desert know it is not an easy topic. Adjusting sand dunes and patterns can become a tricky exercise. Playing with Gaea and WorldCreator was not giving me enough flexibility.
I ended up making my own library of 3dbrushes extracted from 3d scan data.
Super fun to play with and quite happy with the result I got after sculpting my terrain with those for 5minutes. I found it ideal for my workflow.
For the ones interested, I made a pack on my Artstation store. Help yourself!


WorldCreator 2 workflow experiment

General / 17 September 2020

Follow up on the experiment with WC2. Here is a short video to show the workflow I am using to blend 2 types of terrain together while keeping the control by painting a mask to reveal one on top of the other. Pleasant workflow but I can already feel some limitations, especially on the connection between the dunes and rocks.

I have been also playing with the latest version of Gaea and I have to say I am seduced. More to come soon.