As a lead artist on the show, I got the opportuniy to work with a team of 20 talented DMP artists during 9 months on 3 large sequences such as the Morag sequence, the Mall fight in Xandar, and the final battle on the darkAster crash site.
We had to create a space shot of the planet Morag and its 3 moons. The director wanted to feel it as an abandonned, unfriendly planet. The oceans dried out and it remains only relics of an ancient civilisation.
When Quill lands on Morag, we discover huge arches and undersea structures.
On the planet, few monument still stand up like this old temple.
For the take off sequence, we had to create a gigantic crater with blades of rock to illustrate the strength of the impact.
These shots are part of the XandarMallFigth sequence. We had to create the buildings and the vegetation of XandarCity.
For the final battle sequence, we made the set extension of the crash site.
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